2016 Schedule


3 pm – 5:30 pm Dozo the Clown MC

3 pm Introduction

3:05 pm Rev. Marsh, Invocation

3:15 pm Frances Hillyard, poet laureate emerita BFUU

3:25 pm Richard Ochs, singer songwriter from Baltimore

3:35 pm Vic Sadot, singer songwriter

3:45 pm Carol Denney, singer songwriter

4 pm Phoebe Sorgen, singer and pianist

4:10 pm Fred Dodsworth, poet

4:20 pm Larry Poole

4:30 pm Raybob Bowman


5 pm – 5:30 pm Break Do Not Turn Off Computer During Break


5:30 pm Mrs. T Bill Banks MC, comedienne

5:40 pm Hali Hammer, singer songwriter

5:50 pm Randy Berge, folk singer

6 pm Nanci Schimmel, singer songwriter

6:10 pm Betsy Rose, singer songwriter

6:20 pm Occupella, musical group

6:30 pm Paul Matzner, poet

6:40 pm Kaanii Powell Cleaver

6:50 pm Clyde Leland


7 pm Gene Herman, MC and poet

7:10 pm Dolores Helman, dance +

7:20 pm Mike Rufo, singer songwriter

7:30 pm Redd Welsh, singer songwriter/pianist

7:40 pm Anna de Leon

7:50 pm Francis Collins

8 pm Pete Kronowitt

8:10 pm Marcus D

8:20 pm Lauren Renee Hotchkiss, singer songwriter

8:30 pm Lloyd Ferris

8:40 pm Wattie Taylor, poet

8:50 pm Jim Burrill, singer songwriter/fretted dulcimer


9 pm Clean Up Time